"In order to be irreplaceaple one must always be different."

Coco Chanel

Monday, 28 February 2011

It's all in the clear lens glasses, vintage of course!

Clear lens glasses are the ultimate statement piece of the 'now'. It's almost like a secret club exists where every indy kid received a memo to trade sunglasses for clear lens glasses. This is a great look for those who really actually need to wear prescription lenses but I'm sure there's many a frame out there filled with mere plastic.

These Japanese girls look uber cute with tortoise shell frames and clear lens glasses:

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Vavavoom in Harajuku

I captured this girl on a street corner in Harajuku, Tokyo. I was only one of many bloggers out and about that day.  The streets were actually lined with fashion bloggers - their cameras and release forms in hand, scouting the streets for photo ops. While I was style spotting in London, I'd come across the odd blogger but it really was a rarity... however, here in Harajuku there were almost more bloggers than passer-bys. Crazy.

Look beyond the legs, if you can, and you will see an outfit that is actually really really cool. This girl has nailed a look that will appeal to girls and guys alike. The seventies inspired fur trim, the horn rimmed glasses that take you back to the sixties when  television's greatest star was a puppet from the Thunder Birds and the suede shoes coupled with socks, all display an edge that cares more about trend than sex appeal.

Socks seem to be an essential for wearing boots in Tokyo this winter - it goes really well with the nerdy glasses. Not always the most flattering look if you have short legs but there's a range of ways to rock socks, from over the knee socks layered over top of sheer stockings to shin high socks with ankle boots - it's definitely a quick cheap way to update your wardrobe.
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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Introducing London Stylist: Vonnie Williams

The talented Miles Langley has turned his hand to HD video and to no surprise is creating some really fine work. This is a great little video clip featuring one of London's influential fashion stylists. It was shot on a Canon 550D - amazing the level of quality you can get on a DSLR these days. Props to Canon for making HD video so accessible. Great ambience and mood can be created when combining video content with great music. I like.

Vonnie Williams is a London based Personal Stylist that rocks up to every event, no matter how big or small with the most amazing outfits. I'm always inspired by here unassuming yet beautifully bold sense of fashion. Vonnie is definitely not a victim of trends and knows how to combine fashion pieces together, both vintage and contemporary, to create a unique outfit that works.

Check out the video below, Miles Langley Vs Vonnie Williams:  

Miles Langley Vs Vonnie Williams from Miles Langley on Vimeo.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Hello Harajuku

Harajuku has to be one of the most infamous fashion spots in the world; Gwen Stefani heralds the style in her lyrics, and Lady Gaga has taken inspiration from this hot spot when creating her costumes (you can't call them real outfits, her every public appearance is masked by dramatic costumes). These pop celebrities aren't singing about nothing - it really truly is an inspirational place - quirky, vibrant and bold. 

Amidst the crazy outfits you find genuine design and style that does influence Japanese fashion houses like Comme des Garcons, Kenzo and Issey Miyake. One up and coming Japanese designer that I absolutely adore right now is Junya Watanabe. Whether fashion comes from the bottom up or the top down is impossible to say - but either way I see a resemblance between the knitted threads and patterned woollen knits that are big in Junya Watanabe's latest designs and what we're currently seeing in the streets of Harajuku. 

The outfit above is beautifully woven together in so many ways, from the gorgeous knits to the pairing together of exotic fabrics. 

This is a totally original look that I haven't seen anywhere in Europe. I can't quite put my finger on the key influencer but it has a taste of indigenous South America, native American Indian dress and my grandma's shawl. While the boots and satchel are totally present in London fashion, the rest of the outfit is unlike anything I've seen before.  If you visit Harajuku you will find Tokyo fashion, like Japanese culture in general, draws on the past while remaining utterly faithful to the future by pushing the limits.

Woollen knits with eclectic patterns are predominant right now in both Tokyo street fashion and Junya Matanabe's collection: