"In order to be irreplaceaple one must always be different."

Coco Chanel

Saturday, 25 June 2011

St Kevin's Arcade, K Road

Karangahape Road is one of the most eclectic streets in Auckland - on the one hand, dark and seedy, on the other, intriguing and vibrant. I'm always drawn there, knowing the unexpected is always around the corner.

Today I popped in to rummage through some of the op-shops K Road has to offer. The vintage fabric of Nicole's dress caught my eye. This photo has a very 70's glow, that required no mood lighting on my behalf! The warm tones of the backdrop and the retro print go impeccably well with her long straight centre parted hair. Beautiful dress on a beautiful girl.

And excuse me if I've already said this before... but shoes definitely maketh or breaketh an outfit. In this case the shoes make the outfit. Love the buckle.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

NZ Fashion Update

Alrightie, so I've been a wee bit naughty over the past few months and haven't made any updates. I don't want you to confuse my lack of posts with a lack of good street fashion in New Zealand. Far from it. The truth is I've been busy relocating to Auckland, finding a home and getting a job.

Now, enough about me, and more about what's happening in New Zealand. While trends in NZ street fashion are not too dissimilar to those of Europe and Asia there is a subtle difference. Kiwis seem to have an obsession with being unique, one of a kind individuals and often use clothes to prove it.

One prime example is this design student from Auckland University who I spotted on K Road.

Trousers are his own unique design and while they're 'out there' in terms of being a bold statement, they incorporate a high level of design and are quite simply beautiful.  Sunglasses are by Karen Walker (love love KW eyewear) who happens to be one of my fav NZ designers.