"In order to be irreplaceaple one must always be different."

Coco Chanel

Friday, 12 November 2010

Oversized Anoraks and Big Thick Scarves

Winter has truly hit us in full force and it's time to pull out the winter woollens. Don't be modest in the size of your scarves this winter because bigger really is better on so many levels - not only is it practical and super cosy but it's also a great look to run with. I love big chunky knits like this one... get yourself some big fat knitting needles and try knitting one yourself - stitch it together at the ends and you've got yourself one this season's fads - the 'snood' (apparently a cross between a scarf and a hood).

Who can resist yummy colours like caramel, toffee, burnt orange and tan. Is it just me or do these colours get heralded as making a 'big come back' every autumn when really they come back in as surely as summer turns to fall? Even though it's nothing new I seem to get caught by surprise every autumn. This oversized hooded anorak is fabulous and made me fall in love with the rich autumn colours all over again.  

For better or for worse, 90's fashion is having a big influence on today's street fashion. Dr Martin's epitomised shoe street fashion in the 90's. In fact you really only needed to own one pair of shoes because Docs were fit for any occasion and worn with everything and anything - you could dress em up with floral dresses or rock em with jeans. Here Lisa is wearing look alike Dr Martin's to bring the best of the 90's and mix it with the best of now. Please leave the rest of the 90's where it belongs!  

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