"In order to be irreplaceaple one must always be different."

Coco Chanel

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Stockholm Finale

Am I really ready to let go of Stockholm? I want to drag this series out... because such is my attachment to Stockholm that I don't want this love affair to end. To sum it up - Stockholm with her omnipresent sea-side, sophisticated fashion, creative design and warm ambiance makes up for the chill in the air. It's a perfect destination for a weekend city break. If I haven't convinced you yet...

Here's one for the ladies:

No seriously, he really does have great style and thus deserves coverage based on his outfit alone. 

The fisherman's style beanie is the only way to wear a beanie this season if you're a bloke. Think Life Acquatic styles. Long gone are the floppy beanie's... it's all about slim-line and rolled at the brim. The legendary nautical king Jacques Yves Cousteau made the rolled up beanie tough - stick that in your pipe and...


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