"In order to be irreplaceaple one must always be different."

Coco Chanel

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Stockholm Special

This week coming will be a week dedicated to Stockholm street fashion.

Stockholm is now up there on my list of most inspiring street fashion capitals of the world, along with London, Tokyo and Barcelona. I discovered that there was a lot more to Sweden than long legs, blonde hair and blue eyes - they also seem to come pre-installed with an inbuilt style barometer. So yes, annoyingly enough not only are they extremely good looking but they know how to capitalise on their good looks in an indie cool kind of way.

Like a good slow releasing carb, I'll post a Stockholm picture each day this week...

First up is Gabriella. Gabriella, is one part Argentinian, one part Swedish and currently studying in Stockholm. Her vintage scarf really caught my eye...

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  1. Oh, I love Stockholm!! I totally know what you mean about the inbuilt style barometer, I felt so frumpy when I was there, haha. Loving this blog, Ran!